Today, most organizations have public internet-facing infrastructure information, from cloud-assets, hosting services, domain names, and more.

Sentinel looks for sensitive information outside the perimeter of your network and identifies high-risk issues that directly impact your business before someone else does.

Sentinel is an intelligent 24/7 monitoring service that guarantees complete coverage of your internet facing perimeter.

Why use Sentinel?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it turns out that the majority of the attacks threatening companies come from automated exploitations (ransomware, virus, sensitive information thefts, etc.).

Sentinel focuses on these vulnerabilities  by using:

  • Tools and techniques used by attackers to collect information
  • Analysis of the data collected by our AI algorithms inspired by security professionals

This approach allows us to detect these vulnerabilities before they are exploited and to avoid false positives as much as possible.

How often does Sentinel scan your perimeter?

Sentinel can be configured to scan your perimeter according to the frequency of your choice : daily / weekly / monthly.

What exactly is Sentinel monitoring?

Sentinel monitors your perimeter visible from the internet because it is the part of your IT that is the most exposed to attacks. We monitor your websites, DNS and ips. Sentinel is not limited to HTTP/S services but also ensures that the other services available on your external perimeter do not expose you to a risk (FTP, SSH, VOIP, SNMP, RADIUS, RDP, etc.).

What happens when Sentinel identify an issue?

If Sentinel discovers a vulnerability on your perimeter you are immediately alerted:

  • Via an email alert
  • Or via a data feed integrating with your SOC

These alerts include : the vulnerability discovered, the results of the tools used to discover this vulnerability, advice on fixing the vulnerability.

"Sentinel's remediation recipes is what sets them apart from other similar products."
Alexis S.
"Sentinel’s approach is highly accurate at singling out true anomalies without triggering false alarms."
Julien R.


1 Host Scanned Weekly

  • 1 Host
  • Weekly Scan
  • Email Alerts


5 Hosts Scanned Daily

  • 5 Hosts
  • Daily Scan
  • Email Alerts


Unlimited Number of Hosts

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  • Unlimited Number of Hosts
  • Choose Scan Frequency
  • Email Alerts
  • SOC Integration
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Evaluez gratuitement Sentinel, notre outil de surveillance intelligent du périmètre externe de votre entreprise.